How to Prepare Your Subcontractor Agreement Template

You can manage subcontractor agreements using SiteBook, making it easy to “generate” an agreement for a specific contractor with Business Name & Date inserted automatically, then email a copy to the contractor,  collect signed copy from the contractor, then review & approve the Agreement. Here is how to prepare the document:

1.  Obtain a Subcontractor Agreement

Obtain a subcontractor agreement document in MS-Word format.
SiteBook will replace special words with text specific to the agreement.

Note: the document must be in .docx file format for automatic text replacement to work.

2. Insert Text Replacement words

Insert the following Text Replacement words into your document:

$ContractorCompanyName$ : In the place where the subcontractor company name is inserted.
$Date$ : Where the current date is inserted.

3. Protect the document.

Use Word protection to “lock” the document from changes by users.

In MS-Word: File => Permissions => Restrict Editing
Check/Tick: Limit formatting to a selection of styles (all styles are selected by default)
Click: Yes Start enforcing Protection.
Enter a password (and remember it!)



 4. Save the document

Save the document with an appropriate File Name such as:
Subcontractor Agreement Template.docx on your computer ready to upload into SiteBook.



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