Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)

What is a Safe Work Method Statement?

A safe work Method Statement:

  • Is a document prepared for a contractor
  • Identifies work activities that are “High Risk Construction work”
  • Defines the hazards and risks to health & safety by doing that work
  • Describes the control measure to reduce the risks
  • Are specific for a site
  • Must be reviewed and updated as conditions change


What do I do with SWMS

If you are a subcontractor on a job , and you are performing High Risk Construction work, then you must :

  • Complete a SWMS before commencing work on each site
  • Give a copy of the SWMS to the principal contractor before commencing work where the total project value is greater than $250K
  • Ensure that your workers have read and understand the SWMS
  • Ensure work is carried out as per the SWMS
  • Keep a copy of the SWMS readily accessible for workers and Inspectors.


Where do I get a SWMS from ?

You can purchase a SWMS and Safety Packs online at the SiteBook Safety Shop.


Save time: do your SWMS online!

SiteBook now has a facility for subcontractors to complete a SWMS online, on any tablet device, and then email a copy of the SWMS to the builder (Principal contractor).
Call us to find out more about SiteBook online SWMS.


Regulation 299: A Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) must be prepared before high risk construction work (as defined in Chapter 1 of this Code) commences.
Regulation 300: A person conducting a business or undertaking must ensure the high risk construction work is carried out in accordance with the SWMS for the work.
For more information on SWMS , refer to page 22 of the Construction Work Code of Practice

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