SafeWork Australia publishes new precast concrete guidelines

SafeWork Australia has published new guidelines regarding prefabricated and tilt-up concrete.

This new guide available from the SafeWork Australia website is designed for PCBUs to manage and minimize risks while working with prefabricated concrete on the worksite.

Prefabricated or precast concrete, is any concrete manufactured anywhere other than its intended place of installation.

Prefabricated (manufactured off site) and Tilt-up (manufactured on-site) concrete slabs can make up walls, columns, and structural supports. The slabs are tilted into position via a crane, and braced until the rest of the building’s structure is completed.

Due to the size of the prefabricated concrete elements, there is an inherent danger, particularly in the event of an uncontrolled collapse, which can lead to serious injury or death.

This guide provides material for any Australian in the industry obligated to manage risks related to prefabricated concrete, or has WHS duties related to this type of high-risk work.

Since 2003, Australia has had ten fatal workplace accidents caused by prefabricated and tilt-up concrete elements.

As prefabricated concrete and tilt-up concrete construction methods are becoming increasingly popular in Australia it is important to understand and abide by WHS laws, especially for high-risk work activities.

For more information see SafeWork Australia’s website, or view their new guidelines here.

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