Site Diary – Mobile App for Builders

SiteBook is pleased to announce that our Site Diary for Builders has been updated.

The new Site Diary includes heading for topics, which can be set using the SiteBook web app.

The default topics are “Weather” and “Work Undertaken on Site”. Photos can also be uploaded from your photo library, or be taken directly with your mobile device.

All features of the Site Diary work with both Android and iOS devices, including mobile phones and tablets.

The new diary also takes advantage of the speech-to-text function, for those who would rather dictate their diary entry in place of typing.

Each job has its own separate diary, along with its available history.

A Site Diary can be accessed on-site through the mobile app, or at the office through the web browser.

The diary is customizable to suit your needs, whether it be new topic headings, or setting up a new diary template.

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