Getting Started for Principal Contractors

Here are the recommended steps for getting started with SiteBook.

Click on the links to open the User Guides. There is also a "Quick Start" guide here.


Step 1.  Sign-In to SiteBook
Click on the link in your Sign-In Email, setup your password,then Sign-in to SiteBook.
If you have't received your Sign_in Email then contact SiteBook Support.


Step 2. Enter Your Staff & Site Managers

Step 3. Enter Your Subcontractors

Step 4. Setup Subcontractor Pre-Qualification

Step 5. Add a Project and Generate Safety Plan & induction

Step 6. Attach Plans, Specs & Project Documents (Optional)

Step 7. Assign Contractors to Project (Optional)

Step 8. Email Subcontractors their PCBU Checklist (Optional)

Step 9. Site Induction App setup (Optional)

Optional Steps

Inform your Subcontractors

It's best to tell your subcontractors that you are going to use SiteBook to manage the Safety requirements of your work site.

You can write your own letter/email , or you can download our template document from here :
Letter to subcontractors.docx

Remember to replace "Company_Name" with your company name, add your company logo/letter head, and then email or post it to your subcontractors.


Your Contractors will have access to the following user guides on their "Help" page:

How to provide your Safety Information

How to complete a Site Induction


Quote Terms and Conditions

Place this clause into your quoting Terms & Conditions:

(NOTE: our understanding is that the Principal cannot withhold payment unless the subcontractor was advised before preparing their quote).


Under [specify your state] Work Health & Safety Legislation,  [Company Name]  is required to manage the safety of Subcontractors/Trades working on our sites. Heavy penalties apply for non-compliance. We require Subcontractor/Trades to use our on-line app “SiteBook” to manage safety information. We may withhold all or part of your payment until safety information has been provided to us via SiteBook.

Contact SiteBook

Phone support: 1300 736 316.
Email support:  Click here or email :