Steps for a good Site Induction

A construction site induction is a great way for workers and site management to exchange safety information.

Before starting a job, new workers should be advised of all site specific work health and safety risks. Site management should also ensure that the new workers are qualified to undertake their contracted work.

Construction Site inductions are the best way to provide new workers with everything they need, and assess their qualifications before commencing work.

Inductions can be used to:

  • Provide workers with a copy of the Site WHS Management Plan
  • Ensure workers have relevant training and qualifications for their tasks
  • Collect a copy of cards and high risk work licences
  • Collect SWMS from Trades and review
  • Provide Workers with site rules and safety notices

A good induction is simple, and ensures that all workers understand the nature of the safety management procedures on the construction site.

This includes site rules, hazards and controls specific to the work being undertaken, and anything else important for workers to know (e.g. locations of amenities and emergency evacuation procedure).

Good inductions also ensure that each worker is qualified to do their work by collecting the necessary qualifications, from white cards to high-risk work licences.

Inductions are best done in person, but if the site manager is unavailable a video induction can be a great alternative. Some worksites even conduct inductions through computers or mobile apps.

Click here for more information about the SiteBook mobile app’s induction process.

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