Top 9 safety checks to avoid fines or a Jail term!

Builders and construction site managers  are now responsible for ensuring all contractors attending a work site are compliant with new Work Health & Safety regulations.  

Here are 9 safety checks the we recommend for site managers to avoid the risk of fines, or even a jail term:


1. Builders Sign.

Erect a builder’s sign that contains information required by the new regulations. Learn more here.

2. Security.

Secure your site from unauthorised access by children and adults, so they do not injure themselves on you site.

3. Hazards.

Do a risk assessment of your site, looking for hazards, then do your best to fix them to reduce risk of injury to workers. Monitor and review any hazards to ensure ongoing site safety.

4. Collect SWMS.

Collect & review Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) from your contractors who perform high risk work, before they start work. Ensure work is carried out as per their SWMS. Learn mere here.

5. White Cards.

Check that all workers on your site have a white card, and record the card details. If a worker does not have a white card readily accessible, then ask them to leave the site.

6. High Risk Work Licences.

Record the licence details for workers who are require to hold a high risk work licence. Learn more here.


7. Site Inductions. 

Induct workers before they start work on your site, providing them with safety information including hazards, emergency procedures and your incident procedures, and a copy of your site Safety Management Plan,where the project value exceeds $250K.


8. Safety Packs. 

Ensure all contractors have a “Safety Pack” readily available that contains all items required for their work activities, including Safety Data Sheets (SDS or MSDS) for hazardous chemicals bough on to your site.  Learn more here.

9. First Aid Kit and Fire Extinguisher

Keep a First Aid Kit and Fire Extinguisher readily available.


For safety information specific to your business or  construction site, contact your Work Health & Safety Advisor.

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